Introducing Our Projects

We are currently working on six projects - Growth, Commercial Space, Transport, Housing, Education & Skills and Digital Connectivity. Project leaders are selected for each priority and each in turn assembles a team of individuals from across Cambridge to tackle these priorities. The project members are drawn from a wide range of bodies including the Universities, the Councils, the LEP, the BID, Cambridge Network, Cambridge Enterprise, businesses and other Cambridge stakeholder organisations who possess the expertise we need to make these projects happen. Project Groups meet regularly to progress their projects. The geographical focus for our projects is illustrated here.


Our objective is to provide a clear, long-term (35 year) growth vision for Cambridge, which transcends short-term political differences.

Commercial Space

We are focused on addressing the shortage of supply of commercial property in the Cambridge region.


Our aim is to influence transport initiatives to support growth and maximise the region’s potential in the long-term.

Education & Skills

We influence and help shape the strategic vision for the provision of high quality, relevant education and skills training. Ensuring the region’s education, skills and training ecosystem supports both the current needs of employers as well as their future requirements as the region continues to grow.

Digital Connectivity

Our objective is to provide a compelling, long-term vision for Cambridge, focusing on mobile, Wi-Fi, broadband and other available networks and to recommend and influence future connectivity infrastructure deployment.

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Sarah Brereton, Director, Limewash
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